Banquet Captain

Francis Marion Hotel

387 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403

Full Time

Posted On August 11, 2023

Job Details

Position: Banquet Captain

Department: Food & Beverage Banquets

Reports to: Manager, Assistant Manager

Primary Function of the Job: The primary function of the Banquet Captain is to supervise banquet staff, operations, and guest experience during assigned functions. They are responsible for ensuring the proper setup, execution, and breakdown of food and beverage service in a safe and accident-free manner.

Secondary Functions of the Job: In addition to the primary function, the Banquet Captain’s responsibilities include:
1. Reviewing the daily Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) to ensure accuracy and noting any client-requested changes. Communicating changes to the kitchen staff, banquet staff, banquet managers, and assigned Conference Service Manager (CSM) for the group.
2. Establishing proper expectations with the main contact specified in the BEO regarding timelines, meal periods, and food preparation.
3. Checking in with the client during scheduled event breaks to address any further adjustments or changes required.
4. Conducting thorough inspections of all rooms and areas designated for the event to ensure proper setup according to the BEO and the 2023 Francis Marion Banquet Standards, maintaining compliance and providing a clean and organized environment for the client.
5. Coordinating with banquet staff for set-ups, changes, and time schedules for all functions.
6. Creating and modifying function sheets for the day to ensure appropriate staffing levels and efficient utilization of staff.
7. Assigning and leading staff for prep work required for the following day’s events. Alerting management to any necessary adjustments in staffing due to additions or cancellations.
8. Assisting as a banquet server when needed, including setting up, greeting guests, serving, and breaking down functions.
9. Communicating with banquet houseman to coordinate room set changes, table refreshes, and room refreshes required for the current day’s and next day’s events.
10. Overseeing the banquet waitstation equipment and supplies, ensuring proper stocking and readiness before the end of each shift.
11. Inspecting banquet areas at the end of each function to ensure proper cleaning, equipment return, and overall cleanliness in both front and back of house areas.
12. Writing a captain’s report for each event and sending it to the appropriate personnel.
13. Creating a consumption report for each group, maintaining an accurate tally, and recording it at the end of each shift.
14. Ensuring closure of banquet checks and AV invoices, submitting them to Night Audit before leaving.
15. Placing requisitions with the Kitchen for necessary products based on waitstation supplies and upcoming events.
16. Ensuring waitstations are fully stocked, organized, and clean for the next day.
17. Ensuring all waitstation coolers are free of any perishable items from the previous day or that any items for the following day are properly labeled per the new 2023 Francis Marion Banquet Standards
18. Reporting any maintenance issues in rooms, public areas, and equipment to management.
19. Conducting pre-event briefings to ensure all staff is aware of their duties for the day and properly trained for their job responsibilities.

Requirements of the job
1. Able to read, write and speak English
2. Fluency in Spanish is highly desired but not required and could result in increased hourly compensation
2. Know the menu for each function served and be able to explain the major ingredients and preparation method for each item being served.
3. Know and use “suggestive selling” techniques
4. Ability to supervise 1-20 employees

Physical requirements of the job
Be able to stand for long periods
Ability to move from place to place in the kitchen and up stairs
Ability to lift, push, pull or carry up to 50#
Ability to hear and communicate with others

This is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts or working conditions associated with the job. While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the job or to require that other or different tasks be performed when circumstances change.