Culinary Opportunities at Stars Rooftop and Grill

Stars Rooftop & Grill Room

495 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

Full Time

Posted On September 26, 2022

Job Details

Chef Manuel Sequeira and Charleston’s best all-star culinary team work to infuse the Charleston food culture with what is now called “Carolina Cuisine” by critics and locals. This regional style of cooking is defined by personal relationships with local farmers, fisherman, and many other varied purveyors from the bountiful food sources in the Lowcountry, Upcountry, and Appalachian Mountain Areas of the Carolinas. Another component of “Carolina Cuisine” is the use of live fire wood cooking on a grill and spit as well as flame baking in a hearth oven. This culinary style uses a flame fired flattop griddle or plancha for certain fish, meats and local vegetables to create outstanding, one-of-a-kind dishes.

Grill Cook

  • Keeping track of meal prep components to ensure timely completion of final dishes
  • Chopping and preparing vegetables and other non-meat ingredients
  • Stocking ingredients and kitchen supplies
  • Maintaining clean and sanitized workstations
  • Checking perishable ingredients and food items for freshness
  • Taking daily measures to prevent food cross-contamination
  • Must know temperatures

Sauté Cook

  • Maintaining inventory of food items and supplies used in the restaurant
  • Preparing and cooking food items according to recipes and meal plans
  • Preparing sauces, soups, and other food items using standard recipes and methods
  • Preparing special dishes or meals for guests with special dietary needs or restrictions
  • Preparing work areas for the arrival of new food items or shipments of new supplies
  • Monitoring the quality of food during preparation to ensure that it meets health and safety standards
  • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment by following federal and state health codes
  • Identifying food spoilage and expiration dates so that food items can be removed from inventory
  • Training and supervising line cooks, wait staff, and other servers or staff members

Breakfast Cook 

  • Ensure ingredients and final products are fresh.
  • Follow recipes, including measuring, weighing and mixing ingredients.
  • Bake, grill, steam and boil meats, vegetables, fish, poultry and other foods.
  • Present, garnish and arrange final dishes.
  • Occasionally serve food.
  • Must know temperatures on eggs.