Lead Bar Prep

BAR167 Bistro & Lounge

5 Fulton Street, Charleton, SC 29401

Part Time

Posted On February 23, 2024

Job Details

$25/ hour, Part Time position, mornings only, 4 – 5 days a week

167 Hospitality is hiring a lead bar prep bar Bar167 Bistro & Lounge, located in Downtown Charleston, SC.

167 ‘s bar program is heavy on craft cocktails, with syrups, tonics, garnishes, and pre batching. This position is to oversee the production of the bar prep, as well as the organization of the daily pars. The lead bar prep communicates needs with the bar team and managers.

This position is a self sufficient role, and BAR167 is seeking an individual that can manage time well, be organized, strong at communication, and reliable.

Daily tasks include following recipes to batch cocktails, juicing fruit, making syrups and tonics. Portioning items, labeling, and organizing in storage would be responsible for the lead prepper. Ensuring bar prep items are in stock, or placing them on an order sheet, if needed. Once the daily tasks are complete, the lead bar prep is responsible to cleans the prep area.

If interested, this position may also be worked coinciding with our barback/food runner position, working during restaurant service hours. 167’s bar backs help the 2 bar areas, the dining room, and the outdoor dining. Bar backs tasks would include delivering plates to guests while able to describe the dishes to the guests, filling ice trays/buckets, aiding in bar prep, resetting tables, attending to trash, bus buckets, and running food to guests.

Job tasks
Following recipes for batching and syrup making
Managing the bar prep par
Communicate needs for ordering
Organize production of prep

Able to work morning hours, between 7am – 12pm
Posses written and verbal skills, for communication

Able to lift 50+ lbs

Weekly direct deposit pay
No Sundays
50% off dining at all 167 locations

If you think you would be a great fit, please apply at:

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