Social Media & Marketing Manager for Salthouse Catering

Salthouse Catering

1750 Signal Point Road
Charleston, SC 29412

Part Time

Posted On September 28, 2021

Job Details

Job Description: 

Manager ideally reside in the Charleston area, but the majority of the job can be executed  remotely. 

Starting Time Commitment: 10 hours per week 

Starting Hourly Rate: $16-$20 an hour based on experience 

Social Media: 

– Manager is responsible for maintaining Salthouse Catering’s Instagram account  (@salthousecatering). 

– Manager schedules posts via Hootsuite. Posts should occur daily. Manager should track  Instagram insights to determine optimal time of day for posting. Manager should monitor  likes, comments, and shares throughout the day once the post is live. Manager should  also like and reply to comments to maintain follower interaction. 

– Instagram posts should consist of professional photos, grammatically correct captions  and proper crediting and tagging. The feed should be a mixture of food photos, couple  and guest appearance photos, celebratory awards photos, and advertisements for  Gourmet To Go. 

– Manager should scroll through the Salthouse Catering feed daily to interact with  accounts that we follow. Manager should also periodically follow back new followers and  follow complementary accounts. 

– Manager should post on Instagram stories at least three times per week. We have been  doing “Motivation Monday” where we post reviews from Google, The Knot, and Wedding  Wire. We also did “Team Tuesdays” for a while to highlight and recognize our excellent  employees within the company. Story posts can also advertise Gourmet To Go, an  upcoming nonprofit or marketing event, an award, or a happening in our kitchen.  Reposts are also acceptable. 

– Verbal reporting on insights weekly is preferred, especially as it relates to fluctuations in  followers. 

– Experience in Reels is of interest to us. 

– Manager to create and implement giveaways. Manager must track entries and select the  winner. 

– Manager should stay up to date on Instagram algorithm changes and new/ changing  features. 


– Manager to create monthly email blasts via Mailchimp to be sent to our multiple mailing  lists. Topics include Gourmet To Go holiday menus, recent event highlights, menu  additions and changes, staff highlights, and company celebrations. 

– Email blasts to include engaging language, proper grammar, photographs with proper  credit, and visually appealing layouts.

– Manager to also import and maintain all mailing list contacts and send out  “Congratulations on Your Engagement” campaigns as requested. 


– Manager to periodically publish blog posts via our Squarespace website. – Blog posts to include engaging language, proper grammar, photographs with proper  credit, and visually appealing layouts. 

Graphic Design: 

– Manager might help with creating flyers and graphics for various activities such as hiring  notices and achievements. 

– When using provided logos and graphics for various events around town, Manager must  be sure to follow guidelines as requested by the Event Producer 


– Manager must maintain the Event Photography folder in the shared Dropbox. This  includes properly naming folders, download and saving images from photographer  galleries in the proper place, and organizing all photos in a logical manner. 


– Time tracked via phone application. Must clock in and out honestly. Any missteps must  be reported to the Operations Manager for adjustment. 

– Salthouse Catering runs bi-monthly pay periods. 

– Manager to receive a Salthouse Catering email address – this must be checked  regularly.